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Masonic Ladies Night Band

Having played for well in excess of 100 Masonic Ladies Nights we have the experience and adaptability to know just how to ensure a successful event.

Whereas many bands typically have a setlist of around 60 to 100 songs, we have a vast repertoire (400 plus songs) covering varied styles and spanning over many decades - literally Glen Miller to the present day.

This means the band is extremely versatile and can adapt the mix of music over the course of the evening to suit the guests attending - whatever the age range.

We have the ability, that only comes with many years experience, of knowing the right song to play and when to play it to get people onto the dancefloor (and keep them there).


The usual Ladies Night Band combination is our trio, which creates a very full and complete sound, comprising keyboards (including bass), drums and guitar - usually at least two are lead vocalists. *

This can be augmented to a 4 or 5 piece with:

Sax - to add a tasteful additional sonic dimension

Female vocals - to add some of those "girl vocal classics" to our already extensive repertoire.

Where budget is limited we can also reduce to a Keyboard based duo (with either live drums or drum machine and guitar) - there is also the option of solo keyboard / vocalist.

A "Real" Live Band

Unlike many bands, this is not a “karaoke group” singing & playing along to pre-recorded backing tracks - this is a very experienced professional band featuring highly accomplished musicians playing live.

Although we do use a small degree of technology (on just a few songs) this is essentially a fully live band - this gives a dynamic to the sound only possible with real instruments.

Of course we're familiar with all the usual Masonic Ladies Night formalities and can:

Play The Masonic Grace

Accompany The Ladies Song
(including the alternatives to the usual "Here's To Their Health")

Play the National Anthem

Organise the traditional "Auld Lang Syne" round-up at the end of the evening

Provide a microphone for announcements, speeches etc. if the venue does not have something suitable

Liaise with the Toastmaster and venue management so ensure the smooth running of the evening

Provide copies of Public Liability Insurance and PAT Testing Certificates if requested by the venue